Maleo’s main objective is to offer its sand treatment services in order to ensure that our clients receive the professional support they need. Maleo guarantees  a modular and suitable service that meets the needs of everyone. We treat  parks, volleyball courts and baseball fields.

Park and Playground Cleaning Machine available

  Sift, sieve and level sand.

  Remove unwanted objects up to 14 inches          deep.

  Controls regrowth of weeds and                           quackgrass.

  Cut out and define borders.

  Level sand surface.

Park and Playground Cleaning Machine for various fields

  Sift, sieve and level sand.

 Sifting/sieving, separating and leveling                sand.

  Extracting weeds.

  Cut out borders.

  Electronic report of before and after with            recommendations if necessary.

Park and Playground Cleaning Machine for maintenance

  Leveling the in-field.

  Mound floor and batting cage mount

  Cut out contour of the field.

  Maintenance of fields (lawn).

  Maintenance program.

  Weed removal.

  Loosen and disperse sand in warning track          and in field.


Our team is committed to meticulously achieve every project by respecting deadlines and in accordance with the most stringent standards.


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